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Did Peter or Paul get spam e-mail?

I wonder if this is where Ethan the Ezrahite got his ideas.

Screen shot of an e-mail advertising help writing biblical literature

The scope of reception-historical studies

The cover of Hanneke Reuling’s book After EdenIn her After Eden: Church Fathers and Rabbis on Genesis 3:16–21 (2006), which treats the reception history of Genesis 3:16–21 in “sources dating from (or in the case of rabbinic documents) not later than the fourth and early fifth century CE” (18), Hanneke Reuling comments,

Strict criteria have guided the choice of sources, which had to be severely limited for several reasons. First, five biblical verses form a relatively large body of text for the type of research pursued. (18)

No wonder I feel overwhelmed, sometimes to the point of despair, trying to do this type of research for Genesis 1–21 across two and a half millennia! Well, enough whining. The book of Genesis beckons.

Note: “After Eden” is apparently also the name of a Netherlandish lingerie company. If you’re trying to Google more information about the book, such as book reviews, include Reuling’s name in your search string.