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Secret origins of the Higgaion reboot

Welcome (back), dear reader, to the Higgaion blog. If you haven’t visited before, let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Chris Heard, an associate professor of religion at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. I specialize in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), equivalent in content to the Protestant Old Testament (some other Christian groups have larger Old Testaments that include material not found in the Tanakh). I focus my research primarily on the book of Genesis, though I’ve also published on (various portions of) the books of Habakkuk, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and Chronicles. Methodologically, my work runs primarily in the veins of narrative criticism and reception history. Like all faculty in Pepperdine’s Religion Division, I identify myself with the Churches of Christ (not to be confused with the United Church of Christ or the Latter-Day Saints, but closely related to the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and the Christian Church [Disciples of Christ]); my own affiliation with Churches of Christ began at birth and will extend, as far as I can foresee, until my death. My college sweetheart and I married each other almost 22 years ago as of this writing, and our two sons are now 14 and eight years old. You wouldn’t go far wrong if you characterized me as a nerd; I watched the first season of Star Trek while I was in utero, and have greatly enjoyed sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and all sorts of games ever since.

Many of you didn’t need that introduction, but you do need the rest of the story to learn why I’ve completely rebooted Higgaion. I didn’t especially want to reboot Higgaion, but I didn’t really have much choice. You see, the service that previously hosted Higgaion fell victim to mischief, and all of my blogs began to suffer from malicious code injection, resulting in a brief stint for some of them on Googles safe browsing blacklist. After much effort on my part to stamp out the problem by myself, and after an echoing silence from my web host’s tech support department (at the end of which they marked the matter resolved, despite recurrent malware injections), I found it necessary to simply start over from scratch. As a result, Higgaion new resides in a new webspace on a new host, with stronger security measures.

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