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Microsoft Office for Mac gets RTL word processing

Bilingual English-Hebrew keyboardI haven’t had many nice things to say about Microsoft Office for Mac in the last few years two decades. Despite the suite’s power and the fact that it outstrips it competition in many different ways, I’ve used other software in preference to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for many years, largely because right-to-left text processing in Office for Mac has been poor nonexistent since the 1980s, even after the advent and wide adoption of Unicode. I have consistently made sure to have legitimate access to the latest version of Office (currently as a personal subscriber to Office 365) for collaborative purposes, but I almost never use it for my own independent work.

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Moom: a window-sizing utility for Mac

I recently gave Moom (by Many Tricks), a window-sizing app for Mac, a try and was hooked well before my free trial expired. Moom is a simple utility for resizing windows. It ships with several preset window configurations, and in the paid version you can draw your own with a grid. If you find yourself resizing your Mac windows a lot, check out Moom. (I paid for my version of Moom and have had no other contact with its producers. This is neither a paid review nor a review of a complimentary product.)