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The inspiration of scripture: divine disclosure

Raphael’s 1518 painting of Ezekiel’s visionNote: If this is your first exposure to this series, I’d appreciate it if you’d start with the introduction to the series so that you’re able to put this post in context.

The previous installment in this series cataloged those few texts in which God (or a related heavenly being such as angel) is claimed to have told someone to write something, and to have quoted to that person the exact words they should write. I concluded that discussion with the observation that “no biblical writer claims that God wrote or dictated the book they wrote, though they may claim that for very short texts that they quoted in their books.”

Various biblical texts also testify that God told somebody to write something, but didn’t tell that person exactly what words to use. These passages paint a picture related to, but noticeably different from, those passages that paint a picture of divine dictation of some short text.

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