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The inspiration of scripture: divine dictation

Charlton Heston as Moses in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten CommandmentsNote: If this is your first exposure to this series, I’d appreciate it if you’d start with the introduction to the series so that you’re able to put this post in context.

I grew up with the notion that the phrase “God inspired the Bible” was functionally equivalent to “God wrote the Bible.” In my young mind, the biblical writers were essentially stenographers, more or less taking dictation from God. In the churches that nourished my childhood faith, the phrases “the Bible says” and “God says” meant the same thing.

As it turns out, the Bible does in fact portray divine dictation as one way in which the creation of a text might be prompted and guided.

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The Exodus Decoded, reloaded

Simcha Jacobovici’s “Ark of the Covenant”In 2006, the History Channel aired The Exodus Decoded, a multi-million dollar documentary by award-winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, with additional backing from more famous filmmaker James Cameron. In The Exodus Decoded, Jacobovici attempted to forge firm historical and scientific links to the biblical story of the exodus. In my judgment, Jacobovici failed dramatically, and shortly after the special aired, I explained why in a long series of posts on Higgaion.

Since Higgaion fell victim to internet mischief some weeks ago, however, my analyses of The Exodus Decoded have been unavailable … until now. I’ve spent all of my blogging time for the last couple of weeks reconstructing, reformatting, reorganizing, and slightly revising my Exodus Decoded posts. Now you can relive the thrill of discovery, or whatever you felt when you first watched the show or read my reviews. Once again, you can share them with others, albeit with new URLs. I’ve reorganized the material to follow Jacobovici’s “exhibits,” making it easy for you to find exactly the material you want.