Whatever happened to iTanakh?

Icon combining a Dead Sea Scroll fragment with binary codeIf you’ve tried to visit iTanakh recently, you may have received a “page not found” or “server not responding” error. I apologize for that; I just discovered it this morning and I don’t know how long the service has been down. The problem apparently stems largely from my hosting provider changing the way they organize files on the servers, a change meant to accommodate a new front-end for users. At any rate, iTanakh will be down for a while, but I definitely intend to bring it back.

In fact, I’m working on a way to bring it back better than it was before—better, stronger, faster. Well, maybe not faster, but you get my drift. I’ve purchased some software that promises to help me transform iTanakh from static HTML pages to a database-driven site. If all goes well, the software will even let me enable some quasi-social features like link ratings and user comments on the various listings. Please stay tuned, and don’t give up on iTanakh!


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