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Are you interested in a new language-learning game?

Sign with a question mark and the word “information” in Hebrew, Arabic, and EnglishFor the last few weeks, I’ve been using some of my time to develop a card game designed to help players of any age practice any language they wish to learn. Tentatively named “Wazzit,” The game does not try to teach any particular language’s vocabulary. Rather, it gives players a chance to use vocabulary they’ve learned through comprehensible input received elsewhere. My own interest lies in using this game with my college-aged (and up) Biblical Hebrew students. However, the game’s design allows it to be played by grade school kids and it adapts to any language (and can be played monolingually in the language of your choice).

Obviously, I could simply print up a few copies for my own students to use, and call it a win. However, I think that many language teachers, from grade school through college, would find the game appealing. I have already started laying the groundwork for distributing the game beyond myself. That’s where you can help me out a bit. This is not a solicitation to buy the game (yet); rather, it’s market research. If you’re willing to give me your opinion, please fill in the Wazzit interest survey. Also, please share the survey link far and wide, with anyone you know who might be remotely interested. I need as much data as possible to make good decisions.

Update: I have closed comments on this post in order to encourage interested parties to take the discussion over to the shiny new Novetus Games website. Please join me over there for further conversation about Wazzit.


Its my party, and …

Poster for the Batman movie marathon at Regal Cinemas, July 2012My 45th birthday rolled around this past Thursday. Many thanks to all of you who offered birthday well-wishes, mostly via Facebook. While I was showering after sleeping in, my family set up some birthday decorations in the kitchen. They gave me Lord of the Rings Risk: Trilogy Edition, but since they had to get it by mail, it hasnt arrived yet. We all had a simple lunch and a long game of Catan Histories: Settlers of America, Rails to Trails together. I took a nice afternoon nap, then took my family to Rubios for some tasty fish tacos. My wife and younger son, Nicholas, went back home, and I took my 14-year-old son, Nathan, to a Batman marathon at Regal Cinemas. We watched all three of Nolans Batman films, in order, completely oblivious to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. Nathan and I were back home and asleep by 3:30 AM. I filled up Friday and the first half of Saturday with yard work and errands, but Thursday served as a kind of mini-vacation.